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Do you know that you can get paid money for reading your email? It's true. There are plenty of websites out there who are willing to pay you cash for reading emails. Yes, that's right, now you can earn some extra money on your spare time by reading emails! Of course, signing up for all of these sites is absolutely free! No, this is not a get rich quick scheme or anything. In fact, you WON'T get rich quick from this, but you WILL get extra spending money. You can use your current email address or sign up for a new one at any of the free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo!, or MSN Mail. It's very easy, very simple, and a great way to get some extra money!

One or two cents per email doesn't seem like much, but it really adds up! The more emails you read, the more cash you earn!! Refer your friends using your referral link and your earnings will go through the roof! You can start by browsing the sites below.

Paid Email Companies

E-Mail Pays U$10 for signing up. 2 referral levels. Very high amount of paid emails sent out every day. Extremely high earning potential. RECOMMENDED.$0.02
Hits 4 Pay$10 for signing up. Checks are mailed every month on the 15th. RECOMMENDED.$0.02
InboxDollarsA variety of other money-making offers are also included on the website. RECOMMENDED.$0.01-$0.10
Cash Money Email$10 for signing up. Up to 52 areas of interest that can be selected for incoming emails. 2 levels of referrals.$0.02
InboxcashNumerous other offers ranging in cash amount available in member's area.$0.01-$10.00
Cash a Day$5 for signing up. Additional offers are available on the website that pay varying amounts of money. Payment via PayPal or check is available.$0.02
RefRewards3 referral levels. Members area "portal page" can be used to earn additional cash.$0.01-$0.10
EarningForce$1 for signing up. 2 referral levels.$0.02-$0.10
Wow Earnings$5 signup bonus if 2 offers are selected. Extra ways to get cash in members area. Additionally, you can receive payment via check, PayPal, or E-Gold.$0.01-$0.10
SendMoreInfoShare-based system; you receive a percentage of the total advertiser dollars. Each email gives you one share. SendMoreInfo sends a high volume of emails, meaning that you get more money for each of your shares. Minimum amount before you can get a check is $10 (one of the lowest)! RECOMMENDED.Shares
Readclick5 level referral program.$0.025-$0.25
My Paid Emails2 referral levels. Possible payment by up to 8 other companies for additional earnings.$0.02
OneDollarEmail$5 for signing up. $0.01-$0.02 for clicking banners. The minimum payout is $50. Payment is available via check, PayPal, or E-Gold.$0.03-$0.05
Send Earnings$3 for signing up. $30 minimum payment. Amount for emails varies depending on advertiser payments. 80% of advertiser dollars goes to members.~$0.01
PaidBizOpmail$5 for signing up if you agree to receive one additional offer from a company. $0.25-$2.50 for completing an offer. Payment via check or E-Gold is available.$0.05
AvaMailPoints system. 10 points per email, which is generally worth $0.02-$0.05 depending on the price advertisers pay, as well as the number of advertisers. In total, members receive 70% of the total advertiser dollars.Points
can i joinNo minimum payment. Payment via check, E-Gold, or PayPal available.$0.01-$0.03
What qualifies a site for a RECOMMENDED label? Sites with the label send out an exceptional number of paid emails! Additional features may include exceptional referral benefits or other easy ways to make some extra money.

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